Xác minh danh tính để mua tiền mã hóa bằng thẻ tín dụng/ghi nợ

In order to ensure a stable and compliant fiat gateway, users buying crypto with credit & debit cards are required to complete Identity Verification. Users who have already completed Identity Verification for the Binance account will be able to continue to buy crypto without any additional information required. Users who are required to provide extra information will be prompted the next time they attempt to make a crypto purchase with a credit or debit card.
Each Identity Verification level completed will grant increased transaction limits as listed below. All transaction limits are fixed to the value of the Euro (€) regardless of the fiat currency used and thus will vary slightly in other fiat currencies according to exchange rates.
Basic Info
This verification requires the user’s name, address, and date of birth.
Users must complete the Basic Info identity verification to continue and get a transaction lifetime limit of €300.
Identity & Face Verification
  • Transaction limit: €5,000/day.
This verification level will require a copy of a valid photo ID and taking a selfie to prove identity. Face verification will require a smartphone with Binance App installed or a PC/Mac with a webcam.
For help with completing Identity Verification see the guide on how to complete identity verification.
Address Verification
  • Transaction limit: €50,000/day.
In order to increase your limit, you will need to complete your Identity Verification and Address Verification (proof of address).
If you want to increase your daily limit to be higher than €50,000/day, please contact customer support.


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